Blowtorch #2`

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Round 2.... Another tough shot last night in VT...good thing it should get cold and then snow some later in the week. Natural snow trails will have been hammered, and winds will cause lift issues. The roller coaster continues...


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    Yeah 43 at Jay, 46 at White River Vt and Jackson Nh at 7:30am this morning. Not too good for skiers.
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    Not nearly as bad as blow torch #1, as that one had a bunch of HEAVY rain with it, this one had the front end precip, which wasn't much in total volume, as light, mainly frozen stuff, before some liquid later on.  Frankly, many ski area mtn ops folks are likely OK with this morning's warmth as it eliminated the need for what would of been some mass scale lift de-icing this morning!

    A slow freeze up as the day goes on, unlike last weeks flash freeze, some snowmaking tonight/tomorrow and then it looks like mother nature delivers a GOOD storm for the vast majority of New England ski areas Thursday into Friday......

    Too early to worry about Next Tuesday.... Lots can change between no and then model wise!
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    I dont know where you were but last night in Central to Southern NH was a torrential downpour and today was nearly 50 degrees. Much worse than the last.
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    newpylong said:

    I dont know where you were but last night in Central to Southern NH was a torrential downpour and today was nearly 50 degrees. Much worse than the last.

    The report from my daughter, who is up at Mount Snow right now, and was there overnight was that it stayed sleeting and light freezing rain until she went to bed around 9:30, and then when she woke up this morning that there was still some remnants of yesterday's sleet and freezing rain on the ground and that it was "only 42 degrees" 

    The colder air yesterday as I was driving home late afternoon was really locked in until I got down to Brattleboro and thew CT river valley, and in the distance between Brattleboro and just South of Greenfield, MA the temp went from 27 to 34.  It got much warmer as I headed both South and East on my ride home to Eastern, CT where it was 44 when I got home and 54 when I woke up this morning

    Also just read on the Kzone site that it was crispy and firm up high there this morning with some trail closures due to the freezing rain glaze, with some, but not catastrophic, natural snow loss - much more up beat a report than from blowtorch #1 

    As we all know, New England weather has some high degree of variability based on location for sure! 
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    In central MA, our snow is now all completely wiped out.  I couldn't believe it this morning seeing an entire igloo we built last week is now gonzo.

    I skied Wachusett last Friday and it was amazing.  After the wicked rain on Christmas Eve and then this nastiness, I can't imagine the skiing is good.
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    Skiing actually was excellent on manmade trails, but snowpack took a big hit. Felt like late March skiing, but on 1/4 the snowpack and woods are shot. Let's hope the storm shapes up. Still good amount of natural in woods that a foot of new would make it decent on trails without snowmaking. Fingers crossed.

    Still beats last year. I was on day 4 of a 5-day mountain bike stretch this time a year ago...
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    newpylong said:

    I dont know where you were but last night in Central to Southern NH was a torrential downpour and today was nearly 50 degrees. Much worse than the last.

    I concur. Snow melt here in Ashland, NH was definitely WAY worse than the previous rain/freeze. The previous rain/freeze was a non-issue in my mind (excepting that it made natural snow skiing a bit less desirable this past week). This warm up has definitely resulted in considerable natural snow loss which didn't happen last time. This is our first official blowtorch, the weekend before Christmas was just a minor rain/freeze event which actually helped to solidify the base with very minor snow loss. 
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    I was at Bromley Sunday before last for the warm rain, and today. I think last week was way more impactful than today. Certainly much more rain last time, and the temp today hit 40 for a couple hours vs. 1/2 day. But that's just here.

    Like to make it all moot with a foot on Thursday!
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    Guess it might depend on which region in New England regarding which was worse. Further north got not much rain during the previous event and more during the most recent event. Looks like it won't matter much either way after tomorrow!!
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