Bearpen Update

I saw this today:

Bearpen-Coming 2017-2018

From XC NY:

Join us for a unique outdoor experience in our
opening season: Winter 2017/2018. Owned and operated by father-daughter
team, Howard & Dominque. Cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snow
tubing, sledding, and ice skating. Come ski and snowshoe through scenic
Catskill trails (beginner, intermediate, and advanced level terrain).
Just 65 miles southwest of Albany and 145 miles northwest of New York
City! Rentals are first-come, first-served. Open weekends & holiday
weeks, 9:00am – 4:30pm (Tubing open until 9:00pm), with monthly night
skiing events. Come experience Bearpen Mountain. We can’t wait to see
you on the trails!

It doesn't sound like downhill or backcountry, but the image on their website shows a pretty high elevation groomer.



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    I wonder where exactly on the mountain this operation is planned. Is it going to occupy part of the old ski area? Does it have anything to do with to do with the Lane's land sale completed this summer?
  • The operation listed here is located at the base of the mountain which has been owned by for some time by Howard. He purchased Dr. Lane's land above to the summit. This bring the whole 1900 foot vertical drop to one owner and hopefully is only the beginning of good things to come. 
  • Hope all is well Russ!
    Thanks again for last years tour.
    Does Howard live near Hal S?
    Would be great to ski your trail someday
  • The house you know of, directly across the street from and also within (like a donut hole), Hal owns and is his weekend home. Howard has residences else where (2 that I know of). 
  • That hike up Bearpen Mountain with the Lane brothers was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was amazing to see what they had created. 

    That ski area could have been THE place to go if it had survived. Hopefully these new owners will bring it back to its glory!
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