Dartmouth Skiway 12/30/2016

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Almost a foot of powder made conditions amazing at Dartmouth Skiway yesterday. Unfortunately after taking three pictures in the base area my camera ran out of batteries, and when I put in replacements they were dead as well. So I have only three photos from one of the best powder days in the past few years. :( The Winslow Quad opened about ten minutes after nine due to icing and the Holt's Double opened around the same time. Every trail, including Waterfall, was opened for at least part of the day, except for Cum Laude, and the conditions were outstanding. Only Thomas and Chivers were groomed, all other trails were left untouched. Temperatures were in the twenties and thirties and a sunny morning gave way to a snowy afternoon which left a few inches of new snow on the trails. Holt's Double never had any wait to get on, but the line for the Winslow Quad had a line of about three to four minutes mid-day.

Holt's LedgeimageFaceimageBase Areaimage
- Sam
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  • ciscokidciscokid expert
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    Still great Sam!

  • MrMagicMrMagic advanced
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    Just think of all the powder you would have missed taking pictures love the ski way great report as always
  • djspookmandjspookman advanced
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    Thanks for the report! I was just there with the damily yesterday, still skiing great!  Holt's was uncrowded, and still soft snow was found!

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