Private poma/ t-bar off 91 North in VT?



  • djspookmandjspookman advanced
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    mapnut said:

    Thanks for the follow-up! If that's the location we found above, looks like the vertical is about 80 feet? 

    yes, about 60-80, mostly really steep too.  It is indeed the location from above. Approv milemarker #77.2 on 91N.

  • Bill29Bill29 advanced
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    Any idea who owns it, and whether it's still used? 
  • djspookmandjspookman advanced
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    Bill29 said:

    Any idea who owns it, and whether it's still used? 

    No idea on owner. It was not there last year.. so it's a fresh (fall 2016) install, as best I could tell.  Last time I passed there was late summer 2016 and it was not there!)
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    NIce work. Ah man I drove right by there on the 18th and forgot to look. :(
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    Found this odd piece about a Grill on the Hill in Norwich:
  • djspookmandjspookman advanced
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    mtsnow123 said:

    Found this odd piece about a Grill on the Hill in Norwich:

    haha, love it!  Yes, in years past they've had a bunch of tables out there, makes sense now..
  • JMaulJMaul advanced
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    Nice job on the pics. 

    After we zero'd in on the area, I expected the lift line to go down in the ravine southwest towards the dwelling and outbuildings. Looks more west/east and the bottom is right off Goodrich 4 Corners Rd.

    Looks like an upper-class homestead on the other side of Goodrich 4 Corners (tennis courts & in-ground pool show on aerial). I wonder if it is theirs.
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  • Bill29Bill29 advanced
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    Tables.Pig roaster. Maybe they should have called that hill Hogback.
  • njskibabenjskibabe intermediate
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    Hey - any time you get some runs on the snow it counts!  Doesn't matter what the vertical is. :)
  • bousquet19bousquet19 advanced
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    Well done, djspookman!  

    This project has been fun to follow:  from your initial post, to multiple efforts to locate the site, through some healthy dashes of skepticism, to your confirming photos.  Wouldn't it be great to find out who the owner is, make contact, and wangle an invitation for SJers?

  • newpylongnewpylong advanced
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    I know the owner, but I'm sure you can find it put through tax records!
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