Hickory will not open this season

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From their Facebook Page

Dear Hickory Friends,

Hickory will not be operating for the winter of 2016-2017. The increasing costs of insurance, government regulation, and maintenance have made it impossible to operate Hickory as it has in prior years. It is an unfortunate truth that Hickory simply cannot sell enough lift tickets (even in the best of winters) to cover the rising costs of overhead. That said, the future is bright for our favorite Adirondack ski hill. We look forward to reopening Hickory for the winter of 2017-2018 under a re-imagined model aimed at engaging a broad-based community of skiers and families.

We appreciate the loyal support of all our Hickory Faithful during this transition. Hickory is a wonderful place that is worth preserving and we look forward to securing its success for future generations.

As for government regulation, I don't think receiving your permits for the snowmaking project and letting them expire is the fault of the government. I know there are a lot of other factors at play and wish Hickory the best, but it seems like any action is better than nothing. 


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    As a ski area, Hickory is an amazing place. But it needs tons of natural snow to open properly. The trails are steep and rough and in some cases need 18-24" of natural, packed base just to open. In some winters we get that just fine, but in a lot of winters, we don't. Hoping things can change around for them next year.
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    A very deep heartfelt SIGH.....  I was hoping to ski some powder days at Hickory as this Winter is at least beginning pretty well snow-wise.  Sadly the "transition" announcements seem to always be more like a soft break up; "It's not you, it's me..." But I will not give up hope.
    "I need a powder day"
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    It is sad to hear of any closing. I've never skied there but I hope they reopen.
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    I can't see that this area has done anything but hemorrhage money for years. They haven't been open much, if at all, some recent seasons. The workers stole equipment. I don't think they even have any kind of off season business. I also thought I read they were buying a used chair a few years ago? Never the less, they have no chairs or snowmaking to even get a limited opening that would sell tickets. Plus the closest competitor, West Mt, now is doing major upgrades. I can't see this hill ever staying alive for what it is. Co op money, or not. The type of skier who loves this mountain is fewer than the rest. While Gore and West sell passes, lessons, rentals, food and beer, the expert who craves Hickory brown bags lunch. They also bring their own beer and don't drag along skiers that spend on things like lessons. At least Magic had some snowmaking and a chair to build on. I don't see how this place can ever see a return on investment in the future. Sorry to be a downer. I'd ski here before a lot of other choices myself. If, big if, it was open.
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