Lost Nordic Resorts

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Let's start a list of lost nordic resorts/ski areas. Some rough criteria:

1. Trails were maintained (groomed or rolled)
2. There was a trail map/marked trails
3. Could be free or required a ticket



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    Off the top of my head....

    1. Balsams Wilderness, Dixville Notch, NH. Ticketed. Marked. Groomed.  100km of trails.  If Balsams counts as it's in limbo but looking good to reopen.

    2. Norsk, New London, NH.  At the Lake Sunapee golf course.  Ticketed. Marked. Groomed. They folded but the people are now running an area at Dexters Inn in Sunapee.

    3. Temple, Temple, NH.  Ticketed. Marked. Groomed with a mattress.

    4. Wachusett, Westminster, MA. Ticketed. Marked. Unsure if groomed. Folded a long time ago. Ran by the DH ski area. Main access trail was off the groomer trail between the garage and Ollies.

    5. Woodbound Inn, Jaffrey, NH. Ticketed. Marked. Groomed. Opened/closed for several years before closing for good mid 90s.

    6. A place western MA that I can't remember the of that I raced at in early 00s and since folded. Ticked. Marked. Groomed.  I'm good with maps/spacial orientation so I'll have to find it. I know it wasn't Stump Sprouts or Maple Corner. J2 state team qualifier. Wosrt race of my life.  Hit a snow snake not 100 feet from the start of the sprint for the seeding for the 5k and it went downhill from there.

    7. A place across from Crotched at the golf course.  (Why doesn't Peaks buy the golf course and fold it into Crotched for summer revenue?).

    8. A place at the Sheraton in Andover MA at the golf course now turned apartments. 

    I think Cranwell XC (at Cranwell Resort, Lee, MA) folded. They had snowmaking to boot.  And used to host the XC race for the Bay State Games before the BSG more or less folded to only alpine. Nothing on their website but xcskimass.com says they have 10km of trails. Golf/Spa/Resort still open of course.
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    There was xc skiing on the ridge off the top of Hunter for a year or 2 in the 80's.  High Point St Pk NJ with snowmaking (Hans Peter Carlson?).

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    They still have Nordic on the golf course at Crotched, if it's the same place you are thinking of.


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    There was xc skiing on the ridge off the top of Hunter for a year or 2 in the 80's.  High Point St Pk NJ with snowmaking (Hans Peter Carlson?).

    High Point XC NJ still operates in the park under license agreement with state -- isn't this the same operation?    I know Karlsen was there as of 2012, trails are the same, they use the same building, etc.

    One NJ XC center that no longer exists was at Wild West City in Byram NJ.  Had tickets, grooming, trail map, even a rental fleet.  Early 1980s.  I used to have a trail map in my collection, I'll see if I can find it.

    Another much more popular XC center was The Quarry in Hamburg, NJ. They had tickets, map, grooming, 7 miles of trails.  They also had an XC shop and rentals.

    As for New England, I found mention in SKI magazine November 1982 special Cross Country section, page CC19, of the White Lakes Ski Touring Center planned for Harold Parker State Forest in Andover MA  which was slated to have lights, snowmaking, and rentals in 1982.  Don't know if this ever came to fruition, but it's gone now.

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