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Cranmore Adds First In East Diesel Electric Groomer

At a belated ceremony at New Hampshire’s Cranmore Mountain Resort, PistenBully New England Regional Sales Representative, Josh Nelson, handed over the keys to the first 600E+ in the East.

“Cranmore and sister resort Bromley, of the Fairbank Group resorts, are the first two resorts east of the Mississippi to add Pisten Bully 600 E+ groomer to our grooming fleet. This groomer is the first in the world to use diesel electric technology. It cuts emissions, reduces fuel cost, noises, and produces fewer sooty particles, “ Cranmore’s Becca Deschenes told
“The Fairbank Group has a history of sustainability products and we’re really excited to lead the way in the industry with this type of technology,” she added.

Built by the German company Kassbohrer, Pisten Bully’s “Green Machine” 600E+ uses a diesel engine to drive two electric generators which power electric motors that turn the tracks and the snow tiller.

On its trip downhill, the electric energy created from the breaking effect of the electric drive motors is used to power the snow tiller, while the engine idles.

With its cost effectiveness and low environmental impact, its high efficiency reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxides by 20 percent, produces 99 percent fewer sooty particles and reports a 20 percent fuel savings over their standard 600 model. Noise is also reduced with the engine operating at lower engine RPMs.

The new groomer is just part of sustainable initiatives at Cranmore. The resort has teamed up with Tesla to add two electric charge stations in its base area, for a free charge while guests enjoy the resort.

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