Summertime chairlift at Brandywine Ski Area in Ohio

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Until a few years ago there was a really neat water park on the side of Brandywine called the Dover Lake Water Park. Sadly it closed several years ago; the tubing hill is in its spot. You would ride a double chairlift to the sort-of top of the hill to ride the lazy river ride down.

I always wondered what the make of that blue centre pole double was. Here it is: a Sneller. Alas, it's no longer standing. Glad to have ridden it. image
2208 x 1242 - 2M


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    That was the first chairlift at Brandywine.  It was originally located where the double quad is now.
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    Looks like old Herron-Poma or early Poma towers. I don't think Poma had center pole quads though.

    Could it be a Frankenlift? Like Heron Poma towers built as a triple then later upgraded with quad chairs? The chairs kind of look like Borvigs.
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    Those are definitely Sneller towers. The cross beams all have supports and the chairs are in the Sneller style.
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