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There were a couple of early season threads about the MAX Pass.  It seemed like there were enough SJ folks who bought in to warrant a separate thread that tracks how well the pass is paying off.  Was it a good investment this year? Will it be a good option in the future?  Post your tally of usage and value...

For me, I bought early and paid $599. 
So far I have used it:
- 2 days at Loon
- 1 day at Killington 
- 1 day at Sunday River 
So far the cost per day = $149.75.  Obviously not a deal so far.

Forecasted usage this season:
- 5 days at Loon.  I live right across the street.  I've actually been saving the days but will easily use all 5.
- 3-5 days at Sunday River.  It's not far, I expect I'll get all 5 days.
- 3-5 days at Killington. These are the days I'm saving for late season
- 2-3 nights at Wachusett.  
- 1-2 days at Boreal @Tahoe. I'll be there for work in Feb.  Should get at least a day.
- 10-14 days in CAN Rockies.  I already have a trip booked in March that hits 4 MAX Pass Mtns (Nakiska, Kicking Horse, Kimberly, Fernie). Of course weather could turn bad and I may only get a minimum of days).
-   3-5 days at Sugarloaf, Tremblant, Stratton, Pico, Sunapee, etc before the season ends.

Total projected = 27 to 39 days.  Cost/day = $22 to $15.  

I'm sure I'll break even. And it will likely be a bargain.  On the other hand, I also shelled out $599 for a Cannon season pass, so I also need a dozen or so days to make that one worthwhile (at 9 there so far). 


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    hey that looks like a great deal for you!

    Good friend of mine bought one, wiped out at Mt Snow with a concussion and serious shoulder injury in early December.  He never got to use his max pass, had plans for Mt Bachelor, Big Sky.  Was going to use it the next day at Okemo for the first time.  His use will be zero

    So, it makes me glad to hear of someone who is getting a good value out of it!  
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    No MAX Pass here but I am a PeakPass holder. Can I list mine here?

    Paid $499

    Edit 2/23

    - 2 days at Wildcat - last season

    - 2 summer chairlift rides

    - 9 days at Crotched - this season

    - 2 days at Mount Snow

    No planned trips. So far the ticket cost on passper ski trip $38.4 but $443 in the red - based on walk up window prices. Skied 3 other "resorts" total $111.

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