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    Interesting story.  never heard of ski wing.  i guess it was near holiday valley, NY and closed down around 1980.
  • Lots of unanswered questions besides whodunit. Why $18k in a safe at a ski area? I guess things were different back then with money management.

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  • I started patrolling at Holiday Valley as a junior and we picked up several patrollers from Wing after they closed. It shook them up as well. That kind of premeditated crime just didn't happen in that region. Wing has some good terrain. I'd love to hike and ski it at some point if it's still accessible. 

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  • Now I’m testing my memory. I skied there (once) while in
    college in ’70-71. I remember it as a nice mountain. In my 1969 ski atlas, it
    was Grosstal Ski Center. I recall it
    as a nice mountain. I don’t remember the murders. But they had a bad chairlift
    accident. If I remember, the brake let go and a couple of skiers were killed. I
    think that spelled the end of the area. 

  • Actually I thought the accident was after I was there but the
    article says before and they changed the name to "remove the curse".

    As I looked at my atlas I noticed that a ski area was missing. In
    1971 I skied at “Peak n Mountain” in Youngsville, PA along Rt. 6. If I recall,
    it was owned/run by Peek n Peak just over the border in NY. While it was small, it did have a ski school, I took
    lessons. It’s possible that it began after my 1969 atlas. But more likely it
    was simply omitted.

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