Alta Report Dec Through Mid January

Ski It,

I don't write well.  Trip reports consist of bullet points.

Alta Trip Report Opening Dec Through Mid January.

Snow ranges from moderate to high density, Some lower density, trace blower and is pretty much right side up.

Sticks, rocks and stumps have been getting covered however, care should be taken on high traffic traverses such as High T, the mats, Thirds, Devil's and heading out high to Albion Gully.  Some rocks are present skiers right and left of Extrovert and out to Chartreuse. 

Backside, East Greely, Yellow Trail, Glory Hole, Eagles Nest area all excellent coverage

Coverage at Supreme, Catherine's excellent.

UDOT has done a very good job of keeping us safe on the road.

Ski Patrol has kept us safe with area specific closures. 

No lift lines to speak of.  If Albion Chair is spinning and you get on it make sure you have a sandwich.

Try to stay in traverses and when stopping, step up or down from them.
If starting a new traverse try to keep your group in the same line or follow an established traverse.  Terrain gets chewed up by far too many traverses across the slopes.  Gets kind of like skiing down stairs.

Any backcountry skiers coming out bring your probe, shovel, beacon.

Backcountry skiing areas in Wasatch Click on Desktop for a comprehensive map

Utah Avalanche Center


  • thanks for the insights!

  • Thanks for snow forecast link.  I will be skiing mostly Snowbird Jan 22-28.
  • RickB  Taint no biggie.

    JimK, Looks good for you, Mineral Basin didn't look to bad from the AltaBird Gate.  Have fun, enjoy every turn and may UDOT require 4X4, chains and close the road till 0800 hrs at least once while you are here.
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