Schroon Lake Tow hoping to add snowmaking

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Spoke to the fellow who spearheads the Schroon Lake (NY) ski tow.  They're planning to add snowmaking, he says they've got a water tank or something (I wasn't sure tank or reservoir) at the top of the hill that they can use.  They're looking to patch together some sort of system, if anybody has any sources for old heads or whatever.  He's planning to use some kind of diesel driven compressor or something -- I may not be relating this correctly; what I know about snowmaking can fit on the head of a pin.   But I do know that the fellow in charge is a go-getter and does quite a thing putting local kids on skis, it's a good cause if anybody can help.  Local economy is rather depressed, to put it kindly.  Please PM me if you have anything


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    So are you looking to buy or make snowmakers
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    He's looking to piece together a snowmaking system, hope is to get some older, perhaps obsolete but still functionable components.

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    Vermont just retired thousands of old guns during Efficiency Vermont's great snow gun roundup, but I believe they had to be junked before the resorts could get the incentive on the new guns. I got a retired SR-550 sitting in my front garden that uses too much air...
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    True I'm sure they have hundreds of larchmonts and rat5's and all the good guns. They work great when it's cold because you can run 175+ gpm through them. Wish ratnik still made the triple rat:(
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