Lapland Lake XC, Saturday Jan 14

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Given the recent wacky weather, I was trying to find a good option for this past weekend. I settled on another day of XC skiing, to avoid crowds/costs at other alpine areas Went back to Lapland Lake, where I took my first lesson on the 31st.

Despite the recent thaw-freeze, conditions were actually quite good. They held up to the thaw/freeze in great shape. Still a foot of snow on the ground. Trails were groomed, firm and fast. Temperatures were near 20, but I never once felt cold - it is such a good workout, you put out a ton of body heat. Minimal layers is best.

With the fast snow (and only second time on xc skis), downhills/turns are still quite a challenge. I took a private lesson in the afternoon and it made a tremendous difference, working on correct stance, better snowplowing down hills, handlebar turns, and more glide in my stride. Going uphill was no issue at all - the herringbone works nearly the same in nordic as alpine.

I'm really enjoying xc skiing so far...I want to enjoy it as a supplement to alpine, and to get more cardio in during the winter for tri training.

I highly recommend Lapland Lake - it's in the middle of nowhere, but they are professionals over there, and have a terrific facility.

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  • Love that place...snow mecca. There can be none down by the reservoir or much anywhere else, and it gets hammered.
  • Sounds beautiful. Your lucky to have that so close. Pretty spotty in these parts now a days. I passed Windblown on the way to Crotched and that was depressing. Actually Lapland isn't out of reach, I'll have to figure out how to work it into a trip. And I've never taken a lesson. Self taught. THANKS DAD!
    Ok seriously a lesson sounds like a good idea.
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