How Long Does a Powder Day Last in the East?



  • After the dump of Feb. 9, by the AM of Feb. 10, pretty much the entire mountain (including all glades that I know of), were pretty much skied out.  Is that consistent with other people's observations about the big storm? 
  • For East Coast powder enjoyment, take the road less traveled. Might be slower lifts, less vert, and no sushi, but the pow will last longer.....
  • Granted it was only about 2" at the opening bell at Mount Snow today (7:30 for passholders, 8 for non passholders), but on the main face where passholders have access to via the Bluebird for those 30 minutes, we did a pretty darn good job of eliminating anything more than 3 or 4 untracked turns by 8AM!!

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    A foot of fresh lasted pretty much all day at Cannon today. Factors included:
    1) Monday
    2) The storm made it very difficult for people to get to the mountain.
    3) Lift wind holds off and on throughout the day kept people off some of the terrain.
    4) Continual refreshing all day from new falling snow and wind redistribution.
  • Yea, Monday at Cannon was incredible. I found untracked turns every run right up until my last run around 2ish (skiing off map woods, obviously, though on map was still often chopped up pow and not completely packed). I was very surprised, I thought for sure Cannon would be packed considering it is the best powder day skiing that is closest to Boston and also the storm was forecasted in advance and people knew it was going to be big (bigger in some metro areas than at Cannon, even).

    All schools were closed so kids staying home may have been an issue. I think also a factor is many families have trips planned next week and the next two weekends so probably hard to get away from the family with a trip coming, perhaps? I figured travel may have been an issue but powder hounds go no matter what... they usually just show up late if road conditions are bad. But we never got a late rush on Monday. 93 from Ashland, where I live, was plowed very well and I did 60ish all the way to Cannon. Not sure how roads were further south...

    Only a footish depending on aspect. But oftentimes how good a powder day is depends more on how many people show up rather than how much snow. Monday was certainly better than many days when the mountain got twice as much snow and it was gone in a matter of hours...
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