NELSAP Meetup - Berkshire East 1/28/17?

Thinking of a possible NELSAP meetup at Berkshire East next Saturday, weather permitting. Any interest?



  • I'd love to but I'll be away.
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    I would like to say hi in person, but it is tough to ski off pass this year. After skiing a little north of there yesterday and with this questionable storm coming in mid week I'm questioning in my mind on how good (bad) the conditions will be there. But often conditions turn out better than I imagine.......IDK I'll have to watch the weather
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  • If conditions improve this might be doable!

  • I would if I could! Have fun!
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  • Hi everybody, I wanted to see if there is any additional thoughts for skiing Sat. I may be leaning against it, and may just be skiing local xc on Saturday (going away on a cruise on Sunday) just to not be gone as long during the day. But let me know, and if there is a lot of interest I can reconsider. Thanks! JD
  •  Have a fun cruise!

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    Enjoy the cruise, Jeremy. I would love to meet up at the original BEast. But, alas, I can't tomorrow. I grew up skiing there and have only been back once in about 35 years. Let us know next time and hopefully I can make it over.

    Just fyi, I was skiing today at Platty with a guy from 'toga. He said it took him 2 hours and 05 minutes... I would love to show you around, Jerrmy. This place is a living "NELSAP" ski area. If you've never been, YOU, of all people, would love it!!
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