West Mountain Doing Well

Here's an update on West Mountain from the Post Star

I haven't had a chance to ski there this winter, but from what I have seen on their Facebook page they have had some great conditions.



  • Driving nails into Hickory's coffin from 22 miles away.
  • newman said:

    Driving nails into Hickory's coffin from 22 miles away.

    No correlation.
  • newman said:

    Driving nails into Hickory's coffin from 22 miles away.

    No correlation.
    Yeah I agree.  For Hickory to survive like it is they need throwback skiers and throwback snow conditions.  West Mountain could be a hockey rink or a bingo parlor and Hickory would be in the exact same position.

  • I was thinking about this before the original post.  From Facebook, it certainly looks like they have been.  New lift. A lot of new fan guns. New terrain.  Props to them.
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    West is an interesting set up. I used to race in highschool against the principle owner, Spencer Montgomery.

    Him and his wife, Sara, the GM, have taken numerous steps to revitalize and help take West to a better, more stable place for sure.

    If you follow West, or even better West Mountain Racings Facebook Page, it's pretty obvious that one of the secondary motives for their purchase of West was to develop a top level racing program for the region and in particular their 2 kids who have been getting impressive results
  • I visited West yesterday (2/4/17) for the first time since they installed the new (used) triple lift. The newer lift is a significant improvement over the old center pole double.  Some new terrain just above the face chair has been opened.  Holy Mackerel was widened and now has snowmaking.   Conditions were good and they were making snow on some of the trails.  The main parking lot (northwest lot closed) was about 2/3 to 3/4 full at peak time.  Restaurant/bar is good and reasonably priced.  The tubing center seemed busy as well.  

    They say that they are going to replace the northwest triple and indeed have begun working at the loading station right in front of the old northwest lodge.  Glad to see the new owners trying to maintain and improve the old place.  Had a great time.

    I haven't been on this site for a while and would like to say hello to all.  Might be attending the 2/9 meeting of the Schenectady Winter Sports Club where, I believe,  Jeremy is slated to be guest speaker.
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    Good to hear from you T-bone...and nice to hear about West.
  • Went back to West last Saturday (2/11/17).  Had a great time.  However, the snow wasn't as good as the week before, mostly due to lots of skier traffic.  The parking lot was full at peak time, every table was taken in the restaurant at noon, many racers were speeding down Gnar Wall and the south side of the Face trail all day, lots of instructors with groups of beginners were out, snowmaking on the Mach trail, but still no more than a two or three minute wait for the main lift.  Basically just ski on the northwest lift.  I think they are doing quite well this year.
  • Thanks Marcski,  I remember that Seinfeld episode and also the discussion of the new area codes 718 and 646 in NYC.  I worked on many of those area code issues back in the 90's.  
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