Half Day MORNING Tickets

BetsyBetsy intermediate
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Are there any ski areas you know of that do morning 1/2 day tickets? I do know that Middlebury Snow Bowl does. Am looking to get out to the slopes Monday morning in Southern VT (south of Route 4-that is where the babysitter is!) but hope to be done by 12-1 so I can head north before the storm hits.
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  • RemskiRemski advanced
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    This won't help you on Mon. but on Sunday Okemo has a deal for VT. NH. residence at $35. from 8 till 1 and again from12 till close.
  • ChuckstahChuckstah advanced
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    Not a half day ticket, but Pico has $38 tickets for VT/NH residents on Mon Thu and Fridays. Not sure about conditions or open terrain.
  • Bill29Bill29 advanced
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    I think Wachusett had them, and perhaps still does. 
  • bousquet19bousquet19 advanced
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    This won't help your particular situation, Remski, but here in the Mid-Atlantic most ski areas offer 4-hour and 8-hour flex tickets that start when you arrive.  I've really appreciated that flexibility instead of being locked into a 9-1 or 12-4 timeline for a partial day of skiing.

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