Another extreme month of warmth...

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So far, January in Glens Falls has been 10.2 degrees above normal, and only 1.4" of snow, making it one of the warmest Januaries on record, and one of the least snowiest. Just like last year. Ugh. It does look to turn colder, but that's a week out.

Over the last 4 days, we have only gone below freezing for about 2 hours. This at the climatological coldest time of year.



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    It was amazing to see the temperature gradient stay nearly the same, as I left Enfield at 6am yesterday it was 39F and only 36F at the base of Mt Snow. The overnight low was where the high should be, even colder than that probably for late January.

    Ski Conditions Report: A detailed report describing the snow conditions on the mountain the day of your visit. Skiers should become familiar with the following snow surface descriptions: Ice: Packed Powder, Slush: Packed Powder, Frozen Granular: Packed Powder , Packed Powder - A thin covering of snow over bare earth.

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    Thank goodness it's January where we can tolerate some warmth.  If it was March that averaged 10 degrees per day above normal, Patrick would be counting down to the end of the season.
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    One of the coldest Januarys on record in Austria...go figure

    Glad the pattern here seems to be changing this week
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    Are there any indications of arctic air moving in?  We need a long, super cold, snap.  These short, random, 3 day, spells of coldness just don't cut it.
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