"American Zephyr" Monorail @ Mount Abram

I came across a mention of a monorail-type ride in operation at Mount Abram in this article: http://archives.chicagotribune.com/1979/06/06/page/69/article/ski-slope-thrills-without-winter-chills
It's also mentioned on NewEnglandSkiHistory.com. Does anyone know any more about this or possibly have any pictures?
- Sam


  • TomWhiteTomWhite expert
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    I rode the one at Whittier and will be skiing at Mt. Abram
    tomorrow. I'll ask them about theirs. I call it more like a mechanical horse not a
    car. My memory from 35 yrs. ago is that one sat on it like a horse. Your legs
    were on either side of the rail and so was the horse. At Whittier, riders were
    pulled up by the T-bar. It was a wild ride down. Braking was done by a
    stick/handle, like but larger than an Alpine Slide. The seat belt was
    worthless, you could fly off into the woods. I don’t think it lasted many
    years. In those days Whittier had various summer activities.

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