Mount Prospect ski tow New Hampshire 1-29

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I was up north with my brother for most of the week we detoured over to NH Sunday afternoon to the Prospect ski tow. They got about 4 inches over a frozen base of sleet and ice which made for great conditions. The club members were very excited that two boys from CT were at there ski club. We skied for about an hour. I would say about 260 vd one rope tow. Three slopes and a connecting trail. They use a yurt for a lodge.
I'm glad to report they are doing well this season and have been open most weekends why mount Euntis down the road (so to speak) has not opened. They are trying to get a new warming hut built but are running into state pushback I wish them well with this season and with getting a new hut built. Here are a few pictures
Love the sign
My brother showing proper rope tow riding procedure
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    And I'm glad to hear they are keeping it going. Thanks for the update. Their site says, "about 250 ft vertical".

    I went back to read my old trip report, I was there almost exactly 6 years ago and it was -7° F when I got there at noon.  I had visited ROC (closed due to drive problems), found Lisbon Tow (NELSAP), found Gebbie's Tow (private & closed) and found Hill Farmstead Brewery (closed on Sunday) all on the same day. Doubtful I'd remember all this without this report. 

    I am so glad now that our SJ1.0 admin warned us of the impending shutdown as I was able to copy all my trip reports off the site.

    It appears from the Eustis Facebook page & website that they have been open this season at least 3-4 times and may be open this weekend Feb. 3rd-5th 2017.

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