Your biggest ski trip plan letdown(s) or not to be(s)

Unfortunately my much anticipated trip to Bohemia is not to be. The pilot and co skier said Hancock airport (cmx, 35 miles from mountain)has IFR (instrument flight rules or no visibility)and an icing warning all day. There are a lot of intracacies involved in flying a Beechcraft Bonanza of which I have no idea what all is involved. All I know it's not like you can pull over to the side of the road and wait the storm out. Bummer. Better safe than sorry.. Not meant to be I guess.This is over 500 miles by car and 10 hours on dry roads.Just too far in winter with a 5 day time off window. Bohemia will give a credit to use the rest of this year but who knows, this small engine plane thing has got me scared now. Maybe our resident snowjournalist pro pilot Schweig ( our Bearpen hiking, Aspen flying) can explain the details.

Between flying to Hancock (Bohemia) today and then Friday to Ironwood( to ski Whitecap)and then home Sunday it is just too much weather risk flying.

What has been your biggest letdown in fulfilling a planned ski trip?


  • Last 3 years trying to get back to Hickory  :((

    Next to that was a planned trip to Magic a few years ago that got slammed by a huge meltdown before I left.
  • Had a big end of season ski instructor's trip scheduled to Tremblant about 6 years ago. The trip was scheduled for March if I remember correctly and the end of the season was unusually warm. Needless to say, the conditions deteriorated enough where interest in commiting to the trip waned. That was a destination I was really eager to visit. Some day maybe!
  • Ciscokid:
    Looking at the weather at Hancock (CMX) airport, they have been experiencing snow showers and low visibility for quite a while. As pilots, we are always assessing the risks. If the risks add up, it is best not to fly. Hancock airport requires 1/2 a mile visibility to land there, with clouds no lower than 200 feet. The FAA publishes Notices to Airmen, which indicate snow on the runways.
    I've flown propeller aircraft in icing conditions. Even if properly equipped, ice will accumulate on the wings, which slows the airplane. The added weight reduces lift.
    Also, as with skiing, if it rains on top of snow you get dense fog.
    For me, it was nice flying into Dallas today.image
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
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    Ciscokid BUMMER is the right word. Sorry. But I'm glad you had a great crew that doesn't take risks. They probably couldn't by the rules, but I've known people and read stories of whom had unfortunate winter flights.
    I can't think of a personal big let down right now, probably because as a Connecticut Yankee I always expect the worse. Or more likely because I've only taken like 4 big trips or I blocked them out... Lately it's involved being denied at private areas or finding itty bitty areas closed when I arrive.
    I hope your next trip turns out stellar.
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  • Fortunately the worst I've had to deal with is warm weather wash outs, Christmas week trips in which I've sat in the lodge and watched torrential rain pound the hillside.  Since that's the worst I deal with, I can't complain. 

    Sorry to hear your trip fell through!

  • Well now I am looking forward to a great 2 night stay at The original Boyne mountain. Secured a 3 bed 3 bath condo for $75per night(lots of Choice privilege points from the summer trip)at the base of the Super Bowl '73 Riblet center pole quad. Sleeps10 so both daughters, son in laws and grandkids will spend a day at Avalanche Bay water park and then skiing Sunday afternoon for the bargain rate of $25 ( Sunday fun days deal.) Coupled with a horse drawn sleigh ride, s'mores by the fire, tubing, zip lining, etc there will be no shortage of fun with the loved ones.
  • If you had a planned western trip to Jackson Hole thru this weekend, you would by dissapointed plenty.  

    Tuesday, February 7th. 10:40 AM UPDATE Due to a
    massive wind storm last night, a significant number of power poles along
    Highway 390 were blown down, causing Teton Village to lose power. This power
    outage is being addressed by Lower Valley Energy, but the significance of this damage
    will be impacting Teton Village for up to seven days. Jackson Hole Mountain
    Resort (JHMR) will not be operating until further notice. 

    February 8th. 2:30 PM UPDATE After receiving updates throughout the day from
    Lower Valley Energy and assessing resources in Teton Village, JHMR is unable to
    re-open for the weekend, and the earliest targeted open date at this time is
    Monday, February 13th. Safety is the first concern, and JHMR is asking for only
    specific operational staff to come to Teton Village through the weekend. There
    is also the request for no unnecessary travel to Teton Village through the
    weekend as another winter storm approaches.
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    Ok I remembered one. Pre Internet pre cell phone pre universal translator, we drove all the way to Isola Deux Mille in June having a rumor that they could be open. 26 switchbacks later.... they weren't .
    Later we ended up at Zermatt. They were open.
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  • My sister skied Jackson Tuesday and was without power until yesterday (staying with friends in Teton Village)...rain in the valley prevented even skiing at Snow King. Big buzz kill...
  • I told this story before but it's on Snowjournal 1.0 and no longer accessible. Apologies to Woody for telling a bad story about Bousquet's, but it's had plenty of rave reviews.

    This was the first time I took my sons skiing; they were probably 8 and 5. A neighboring family had season tickets and kindly invited us along. Things got off to a poor start when my son got carsick and threw up in my friend's car. Bousquet's had a good deal for beginner rentals, so I got the boys geared up. I had seen on their trail map that they had three rope tows for beginners. But only one was running; it and the postage-stamp slope it served were totally mobbed! We would have had to wait 5 minutes or more for a 200-foot ride and then had no room to practice. So I left my skis in the rack and my boots in the lodge and took the boys to an out-of-the-way corner where I showed them how to walk, fall down, get up, sidestep and finally snowplow. I served as the lift myself, hauling them up the slope so they could get a little vertical. None of us were having a great time.

    After lunch one of my friend's teenagers kindly offered to sit with the boys in the lodge so I could take a few runs. I eagerly headed for the chairlift but when I stepped into my bindings with my old, cheap boots the heel broke off! So I tossed both boots in the trash and called it a day, with maybe 100 vertical feet and zero runs.

    To top it off, when my friend dropped us off at home, I dropped my house keys in a snowbank.

  • That's a great story!   I bet you'd do it all over again in a heartbeat, albeit with a few advance preparation modifications here and there

  • To many wet and rainy Christmas and MLK weekends to count. Other than that no other disappointments.
  • Not really, though I was planning to ski Thursday on a long-awaited weekday hooky adventure.  A company meeting I am speaking at originally scheduled for tomorrow just got pushed to Thursday.

    Anyone up for skiing a big New England resort on Friday?
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