Phased Lift Replacement Program

 Phased Lift
Replacement Program


The financial impact
of a lift replacement doesn’t have to create overwhelming cash flow burden on
your resort. Skytrac will create a custom, time-phased solution for your resort
to upgrade your lift that matches your cash flow time frame.

Skytrac has created a
program that steers away from complete installation to a phased lift
replacement approach. We begin by prioritizing your lift’s highest risk issues
and finish up with the minor necessary upgrades. Though experienced lifts
differ in required work, we use an example of three phases. The phases are
controlled by the resort’s decisions and cash-flow availability. When the phase
periods are complete, your resort will have a significantly upgraded and
reliable lift.

Phase 1

Year 1: Replace the drive tension terminal.

See resort reference: Alpine
Valley and Keystone Resort, Pack Saddle 2 Lift.


Phase 2

Year 2 or 3: Replace towers and line equipment.
Possibly replace chairs depending on the design (if a Riblet, we will replace
the chairs).

See resort reference: Monarch
Resort, Garfield Lift.


Phase 3

Year 3 to 5: Replace return terminal. Chairs will be
replaced if not completed in Phase 2.

See resort reference: Pine Knob
Resort, #6 Lift.


1.    The resort will have control of the time that
the work phases begin if dictated by cash flow.

2.    With the contractual commitment, Skytrac can
lock your resort in with pricing at time of signing. If the phases take longer
by control of the resort, Skytrac will allow for cost increases only to match
the production price index, usually within 2-3% maximum.

3.    Parts and components are sourced and
fabricated in Salt Lake City, Utah.


[Several resorts listed didn’t paste]


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