Rope Tows as Beginner Lifts



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    West Mountain replaced one of their tows with a used carpet around 2005. The other tow is still there but hasn't run in several years. However I live around the corner from the place and haven't been since 2013, so it could be running now.
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    Cochrans has a rope parallel to the t-bar. Not a beginner lift. Beginner lift is a handle tow, not a rope.
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    They used to have 3 ropes. One on top, one next to the T-bar and one way over to the right past the handle tow in the beginner area. Whether those outer 2 are still there IDK.

    Edit: Now looking at I'd have to say lotsoskiing is right and those 2 are gone.

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    They have a rope above the slopes, but has not run in years. They have plans to extend the t-bar about 100 yds uphill- woods are cleared for it, and also bring base down to the snowmaking/timing building
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    Caberfae only remaining rope tow is its beginner lift. Rode it Saturday after skiing down Shelter up to the Skyview lodge. Had 5 tbars and FIFTEEN ropes at one time.

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