Steve's XC Trails/Brookhaven Golf Course Greenfield NY 2/11/17

I had the chance to ski at Steve's XC Trails/Brookhaven Golf Course yesterday morning before work. This year I am trying nordic skiing to mix in with
alpine for additional workouts, and have been exploring local places.

This area is a secret gem. It has something like 10-12 miles of
maintained and groomed trails for all abilities. Steve maintains the
trails and grooms them himself, but the area is completely open to the
public free of charge. It is on the road to the former Alpine Meadows
Ski Area and you can make out a few of the former alpine trails at
different places.

The trails are a wonderful mix of lanes on the Golf Course (some
track set), to narrower chutes through the woods the wind their way
around beaver ponds, marshes, and hemlock forests. The area is bisected
by Alpine Meadows Road so there are trails on both sides. Today, there
was about 2" of new snow that was groomed, temps in the mid 20's, and
about 10 cars in the parking lot. Still, I never bumped into anybody
once I began skiing. At one point, it was so silent with the fresh snow I
could only hear my heart pounding.

As a note, there is no patrol, lessons, or rentals - but there
are trail maps, and you can warm up inside the golf club on weekends.

At only 20 minutes out of Saratoga, it's very convenient to get to.

Here's their Facebook page.

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    Very, very nice!

    Did I see this post Sunday AM? If so, I credit you for inspiring me to get my butt out Sunday afternoon...after snow blowing....

    Didn't want to drive too far in the storm so I went up the back side of NELSAPped Sweatt Hill and came down the skier's left trail for 5k of trail breaking in over a foot of powder. Gee, it felt steeper than the pic looks, especially on them skinny skis. I was pushing a pile of snow a little over my knees going down.

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