Sugarbush/Mt. Ellen 2/14

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$14 tickets brought out the crowds (relatively) to Mt. Ellen. Parking lot was full to the cross road, which is usually the realm of an average Saturday. Lincoln Peak was packed. Lifts closed Monday meant lots of pow to be had. 8 am GMX ensured all below Glen House got a workout, but found fresh cold smoke on Tumbler and in woods between Hammerhead and Encore (The Greenhouse). Headed to Lower FIS when Northridge opened- first tracks down first entrance chute to Lower FIS- huge drifts skier's left. Then hit sandblasted section until after the island, and really fun after that. Then to Inverness pod (lift closed) to sample Semi-Tough Woods and skier's right of the Poma. All great but a little blasted chunkiness on Inverness. Rest was gravy: Cliffs, Elbow, even left side of upper FIS big fun. Incredible conditions, sunshine and no wind. Yahoo!

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  • Wow!  Thanks for the review.  Puzzled about the crowds though...good for them, bad for us.
  • $14 is crazy cheap. My guess is that is what drove it. More fresh due in over the next few days. Will be incredible weekend, though likely packed. I'd recommend going on Thursday: $30, and will be new snow then as well.
  • Glad to see a Mount Ellen report. I was at Mount Lincoln at Sugarbush and it was busy too. About a 10-15 minute bumper to bumper wait, worth every second. I hit all faces, and must say that Castlerock was the best area. Fresh snow in the woods, mostly untouched in the morning. I was very thankful for the wind holds that kept the lifts from spinning yesterday.
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    Sweet and cheap what more do you want.great report thanks.
    Skied Glen Ellen once 12/77 don't remember much

    Notice the contrast between Bill29s recollection ( cat ski thread)and lotso s youthful power
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