Look what's happening in NJ



  • I don't think any of the racers in the FIS races this year were older than 17 or maybe 18. Held on days when the program for the little kids was not operating. Got the buzz out about the facility and its mission. 
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    The FIS racers were not there to "learn how to ski". 

    This is a 501(c)3 that was established to teach under privileged children how to ski.

  • I look at it in the same way that any other charity holds a fundraiser: The charity may not be in the business of running 10k races or hosting gala dinners with silent auctions, but they hold events such as this to raise money and awareness of their program. Every racer and coach who attended learned about what they do there, contributed to the bottom line through entry fees and fees for training space, and I imagine some came away with a positive view of what the organization does.
  • Then maybe next winter they will allow the NJ Ski & Snowboard Council to rent the mountain on Wednesday nights so we can hold our ski races there and not have to wait until the High School races are over at Mountain Creek.

  • Give them a shout. I'd think they'd go for it. Maybe contact USSA Eastern Office to see if they can help facilitate.
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