• obienickobienick expert
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    My point is they have only proposd one trail to connect the upper and lower mountains. That's not going to be enough to take the uphil capacity.

    The alignment may be fine in theory based on topography. But it's not good if you look at existing and planned trails.
  • lotsoskiinglotsoskiing expert
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    "Catskill Thunder"....silly name. Reminds me of Mt. Bachelor a while back had a cartoon character (The Bachelor Guy) that touted the virtues of skiing "out loud", whatever that was. Not sure what Catskill Thunder is, but not sure I want to experience it while riding a gondola. What redeeming value i there in conjuring images of violent storms when boarding a ski lift. Weird.
  • mapnutmapnut expert
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    Wanna bet they don't run the Tomahawk lift on weekdays, taking a page from Gore? Everyone would have to ski a flat half-mile below the upper access road to get back to the lift. And that would be another run that would have to get a lot of snowmaking.
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