Where did you ski and how were the crowds on Presidents Day 2017?

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I was quite surprised at how light things were at Crotched Mtn. 2/20/2017 (especially when compared with MLK Day last month).  The crowd was certainly heavy for a regular Monday, but for a holiday Monday,  there was no lift line on any lift all day.  

I wonder what you encountered?


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    I drove by - and stopped for a few minutes - at Wachusett a bit after 3 p.m. when people were leaving and both parking lots were fairly full. Lots of people on the hill. Jeff Crowley, who runs the place, said it was a very good day. He also said it has been a very good season so far. 
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    Cannon Saturday for powder/ppr in the morning. Warmed up for heavier stuff some spots in the afternoon. My gut feeling was that rentals & lessons were going strong on the lower mountain since it such a beautiful day. I'd call it real busy but not insane.

    We were there before 9am. The base & ticket lines seemed pretty busy but we still got cubbies. I'd like to think my knowledge of the area kept us ahead of the lines. Short wait at the Peabody & little or no line at the Zoomer then we went to the Tram. When we got there we were on the stairs going in. One tram later I looked out the Tram Haus window and the line was over the bridge and way out of sight. Probably halfway to Franconia... So we did singles on the upper Quad & took a real early lunch on the peak and we got a table & food no problem. We went back to the Upper Quad. I've seen worse lines there. Back to Zoomer, no line since it was now lunch time. Then we made a small mistake of heading to Mittersill. We didn't make it up that higher crossover which kinda goes uphill and went down to the Tuckerbrook "Novice" Quad. Oh the humanity! Both sides were jammed, the thing runs so slow, spills & misloads, some novices couldn't get up the slight inline to the load spot, so lefties had to push them up the hill while multiple empty chairs go by. When we finally got to the T-bar, two novices had just dumped going up. It took multiple empty T's before they finally cleared the track.  I know... we were beginners once too. The T-bar & double lines were empty. We did 3 there and went back to the top and the lines were short. The Peabody was pretty much ski on after 3pm.  

    Crotched Sunday - Spring like conditions. Busy but not like after Christmas

    Crotched Monday - Let's call it real firm conditions. Not crowded at all, plenty of lunch tables. Ski on all day. Noticeable absence of park rats both days. NH kids are still in school this week, so that must cut into the take. 

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    3 more different days you could only find in NE:

    Saturday at Sugarbush: powder all over, snow was dry and light until things warmed up around 11, then spring conditions. Huge crowds. Heard it was their 5th biggest day since Win bought the place.

    Sunday: crunchy start, then softened to another killer spring skiing day. Crowds close to same

    Monday: fast, fast, fast- groomers were buffed and hard, but with edges you were fine. Stayed off ungroomed, as it was brutal. Crowds much smaller- more like a typical Sunday would have been.

    On balance, a great weekend.
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    3 more different days you could only find in NE:


    On balance, a great weekend.
    You can say that again!
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    While I agree that Sat. and Sun. were good condx and good crowds, I really wanted to hear about crowds on Mon.

    ski_it's analysis of Monday's condx are charitable compared with what I would have said, but as far as crowds:
    - bill29 says Wachusett had a good crowd
    - lotsoskiing said Sugarbush was light.

    Any other crowd reports for Monday?
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    Saturday Berkshire East, see report elsewhere.  Wonderful, short liftlines, great company.

    Sunday Magic Mountain at Trackbiker's behest.  Probably best choice we could've made, average liftline just 10-12 mins although I won the longest wait award with one time on a misused singles line, 26 minutes.  Conditions were good but not great. Too darn hot. Not happy about our gradually warming global winters that shall not be discussed lest it creates flame.

    Monday Hogback Mountain on XC skis which was crusty and variable, leading to multiple crashes family-wide until we reached a pair of overhead lift supports, we removed our skis and continued to the top without them.  (Since we had ski poles and ski boots it still counts)  I made it part way up the tower and bravely descended.  Rest of my family went all the way up it and declared the view to be spectacular. 

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    ski_it's analysis of Monday's condx are charitable compared with what I would have said, but as far as crowds:

    Yeah at certain points I halved wished for a bigger crowd to breakdown that....er....firm condition.
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    Mount Snow 3 days-

    Friday: Powder everywhere. Ripcord was tons of fun and crowds were pretty small.

    Saturday: Warm temperatures and lots of people in the morning. Crowds went down later in the day, super soft snow. Really sticky and slow snow quality.

    Sunday: Much warmer, snow was faster from the freeze over the night. Very crowded in the morning, to decently crowded.

    Overall, the roads and valley area were the busiest I have ever seen in the 13 years I have been at Mount Snow. The crowds were much smaller than the Christmas week crowd.
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    I skied Mt Snow from 8am-12pm and crowds where much lighter than anticipated and more like a typical Sunday. Northface, Sunbowl and Carinthia lifts where ski on through Noon. Bluebird had a 10 minute wait with and GSE about 5 minutes.

    Snowise anything ungroomed was virtually unskiable and the mountain looks to have lost about 1' of natural cover since last Monday. The NWS has above freezing temps forecast from Wednesday through Saturday both day and night for the Mountain. I think the natural snow trails will take a hit this week.

    I have no plans to ski until late month and I hear snow/cold may return late month into March.

    Ski Conditions Report: A detailed report describing the snow conditions on the mountain the day of your visit. Skiers should become familiar with the following snow surface descriptions: Ice: Packed Powder, Slush: Packed Powder, Frozen Granular: Packed Powder , Packed Powder - A thin covering of snow over bare earth.

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