Granite Gorge Presidents Day, 2/20/2017

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I headed west for a half day session on President's Day at Granite Gorge with the thinking that with the recent  thaw/freeze, staying local would be the best play.  First time visitor.
Pulled into the parking lot a bit after 11, and was greeted by the GM (Owner??) and  had a nice chat about business levels, and the Freedom Pass, which I was skiing on.  Very pleasant  welcome to the hill.  They seem to do things right.  He stated that he loves the pass and being affiliated with other ski areas, and discussed how he got involved with the pass after a call from Dartmouth Skiway Management.
It only took seconds to get my ticket in the lodge, great service, and onto the lift.  It was ski on all day, or a couple chair wait at the most, and all the staff was great.
The skiing was firm, but good and edge-able, with everything in play.  As the day went on the natural trails softened a bit, and no one was on them.  GG has a wide variety of trails-some groomed, lots of naturals, a couple short steeps, and a few gladed areas.  Something for everyone for a 400-500 vertical hill.  It was a fun day at a local hill for sure.  Some pics to follow of the Borvig double, and some trails.


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    Some pictures of th Borvig double, originally a 1981 install at Devils Elbow, Ontario, and a couple others. imageimageimageimage
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    854 x 480 - 677K
    854 x 480 - 598K
    854 x 480 - 716K
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    Great report. Drove by it early a couple weeks ago on my way to CM. The car almost turned into the lot on its own.
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    Hey them 4-500' verts is all we have here, at least we have 4-500 skiable acres here and there

    Nice report chuck
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    Fun area. Great report a good area to ski during the holiday week
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    Good report Chuck.  I agree that it has something for everyone. I skied there the first year it opened and came back several times and enjoyed it each time.
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    Thanks for the report!  I teach there and love the place, its super close to home, offers a lot; especially after a big storm!  The snowmaking crew and grooming crew do a top-notch job and are able to cover the place (snowmaking trails) really quickly!
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