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With temperatures in the 60s predicted in Central Massachusetts for the next three days, I expect that Wachusett Beach will be heavily populated. Wachusett Beach is on the southerly side of the base lodge with picnic tables and comfortable chairs facing the slopes and the sun. It's a perfect place to get some Vitamin D when the snow gets soupy, as I think it will in this weather. Any other places at ski areas that lend themselves to comfortable sunbathing and a good view of people still skiing in this kind of weather?
Also, I think some big holes will be punched in good skiing unless it gets cold enough next week to make snow and repair the damage. What does that look like?


  • Now that you brought it up Bill I am sad to say I have hit the ball twice in the last five days here in Michigan but look forward to sitting on the beach and indoor waterpark at Boyne Mountain next weekend while stepping out and throwing the skis in for some skiing while there also .I have skied and golfed in the same day before but this is much too early . Blow torch and back yard syndrome get the best of me more frequently than I would like it
  • I'm going to Bolton Valley tonight, Stowe tomorrow morning, Saturday, and Sunday. No beaches there, but great parking lots for drinking beers.
  • My Alma-mater Mt Sunapee has a good "beach." Although you have to get there good and early (as in park a car the night before) to stake out your piece of real estate on it. 
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    My Favorite: Image result for mad river glen base lodge sun

  • Love it....

    Don't love the forecast 

    This is gruesome
  • Whiteface had a nice deck last time I was there, Bear peak at Killington too
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  • Ski Sundown in CT has a big southeast-facing deck, and more than its share of mild weather!
  • No deck at Caberfae Peaks, but they still brought out the picnic tables and expanded the bar to the outside
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  • This is the most snow I have seen in a few weeks
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  • Plenty of natural base at Bolton Valley after being up there last night. Not a patch of dirt in sight. The real story will be Sunday morning after all the warm and rain. It should be a bulletproof surface come Sunday.
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