Are you a transplant or born in your current state?

I know several of us have moved from our original birth state or region of skiing and miss the times we spent as youths skiing in that area .

I know missdaeast moved to California and I break for T bars moved from New York to Ohio and I myself moved from New Jersey to Michigan and I know there are many other transplants out there. TRiley I believe also moved from New York state to Michigan.

Are you born and raised and still reside in the same state or are you a transplant ?

I'd be curious to know how many of you were born and raised in the same state and still live and ski in the same area.


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    I was born and raised in Southwest CT, now I live in Northern Vermont. I couldn't stand traveling so far to ride good snow and have phenomenal summer hikes.
  • I spent the first 3 months of my life in the Bronx.
    I grew up in Southwestern Connecticut (1 hour and 12 minutes from Mohawk Mountain).
    I now live in the Finger Lakes region of New York (16 minutes from Greek Peak).
    When my grandmother was alive, she lived in Brandon, VT, and I would visit her and ski anywhere in the state.
  • Born & have never lived anywhere but NJ.

    To add, I have never lived more than 6 miles from the Atlantic, or 1 mile from the back bays (as the crow flies).
    You ski because even if you don't do it well, it's still a blast....
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    Born in New Hampshire, moved to Maine at 2, moved to New York City to work at 24, bought a house in Connecticut at 29. I'm still a New Englander by about 4 miles. At least I can enjoy good hiking in the Hudson Highlands within a hour's drive.
  • Moved from MA to NH a decade ago to shorten my commute to Crotched where I grew up skiing ;)

  • Born, raised and lived in NY state my entire life. Ski MA mostly because Jiminy Peak is less than a 10 minute drive from home...
    "I need a powder day"
  • Born and raised in Central Connecticut, moved to Central Massachusetts to work after serving for a couple of years in the Army, lived here ever since but make frequent trips to Connecticut. Didn't start skiing until I was 30 in Massachusetts.
  • Born in NE Massachusetts, college in the NE Kingdom of Vermont, then to the Glens Falls-Saratoga Springs area for the last 17 (how could it be that long!) years. Love it here.
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    Born near Wash DC.  Bounced around as a Navy brat, but returned to live continuously back in DC area for last 50+ years including my full ski career that started in 1967. 

    Since much of my adult life I was anchored by a fairly decent job and family responsibilities that put me into ski vacationer, rather than ski life style mode, I am curious about those like tedede who made a disruptive relocation to be near better skiing.  Did you do it in your prime, do when retiring/downsizing, did you make sacrifices, did you find a good job in ski country, would you do it all over again? 
  • Born and raised in Central NH. Then on to the NEK for college years, then lived in Southern VT for work for 3 years or so, and now I'm in Northern VT commuting to Burlington for work. It's nice here, but we really REALLY miss NH. So I'm thinking within the next 5 to 10 years there will definitely be a move toward the Whites/Mt Washington Valley. We'll see how it goes though.
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    Born and still living in Queensbury, NY
    Ski it or die trying
  • Born in Sussex County NJ when the cows outnumbered the people.  As a teenager 1974-75 lived in central VT when my parents decided to dabble in the restaurant business.  Returned to Northern NJ and have lived here since.  Too lazy to move.

  • Born in Troy NY moved at a young age to Kinderhook NY. Skied mainly Jiminy Peak (that was were ski club went). Moved to Mi in 1984
  • Born, raised, and living in the shadow of Morgan's Farm Ski Hill in NJ
  • Grew up with a season pass to Mt. Tom.  Now have a season pass to Blue Hills.  

    I guess Western Mass and Eastern Mass could almost be considered separate states?
  • JimK said:

     I am curious about those like tedede who made a disruptive relocation to be near better skiing.  Did you do it in your prime, do when retiring/downsizing, did you make sacrifices, did you find a good job in ski country, would you do it all over again? 

    JimK, I moved about 45 minutes north, from the northern suburbs of Boston to Amherst, NH when I was in my early 40's.  I was kinda joking on moving closer to Crotched because it's not exactly a destination resort that folks flock to.  With a growing family I was looking for a bigger home and NH allowed me to double the square footage (and lot size, garage bays, quietness of the neighborhood) with the same mortgage.  It doubled my commute to work too, but later I found a job where I could telework (for a large IT vendor).   

    I like it a lot here.  Folks are more laid back. I wish I did it 10 years sooner.  It's nice being 20 minutes from the ski hill, but I don't play hookey from work as often as I should.  As an added benefit, I have NELSBEER as a neighbor, so I'll probably never leave :)   Not sure what you do in the DC Area, but there's good work up here in the tech field.  Feel free to PM me a phone number if you'd like to chat.
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    Born in Duchess County, NY, moved to the suburbs of Boston when I was 6, then to college in ME for 4 years, been back in the greater Boston area since graduating from college.
  • Born in the capital district of NY, parents moved away from when I was 4 until they returned when I was 10 - lived there either in my parents house or at college (RPI) until I was 21, been a CT resident for the last 24yrs - although for the last 10 years I spend atleast 3 days a week IN VT for roughly 6 months a year!!
  • I was a transplant but am back in the general area where I grew up. Grew up in Lansdale, PA. Went to college in Philadelphia. Moved to Harleysville from '86 to '94. Moved to Greenville, SC area from '94 to '02 for a great job. Added Beech, Sugar, Cataloochee, and Wolf Laurel to my list while there and skied once or twice a year in PA and/or NY. Moved back to PA in '02 and currently live in Sellersville, PA.

  • Born in Boston, moved to Maine very young.
    Learned to ski at Sugarloaf before the gondola went in, skied Saddleback a lot as well.
    Currently in Maryland with several small relatively close areas.
    Try to get north to ski real mountains (Gore, Whiteface, Stowe) when i can, getting back to Maine to ski is a more difficult trip.

  • My witness protection handler advised me not to reply to this thread.
    ISNE-I Skied New England | NESAP-the New England Ski Area Project | SOSA-Saving Our Ski Areas - Location SW of Boston MA
  • Raised in Western Mass, moved  to NC at 24, moved to VT at 33, back to MA at 34, to NH at 35, back to NC at 41 and finally to TN at 56.  Whew!  I'm tired of packing.  Still a Yankee at heart.
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