Julie Mapnut reports from Whistler!

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My daughter skied at Whistler, BC last Monday and Tuesday. She's not that avid a skier, but she's adventurous and wasn't about to spend 6 months living and working in Vancouver without taking in the biggest ski area in North America. I pieced together this report from her e-mails and phone calls and photos posted on Facebook by her friend Stevie.
Conditions were prime and the weather was good, though as typical at Whistler the bottom quarter of the mountain was a bit warm.
Me: you gonna ride that Peak to Peak tomorrow?
Julie: yup! will prob do a warm-up run or two on blackcomb from the gondola and then take the p2p gondola and spend most of the rest of the day on whistler. dinner was ok! we had a meal at a nice restaurant and then got a drink (tea for me) at an irish pub where they had a funny sorta irish band with a violinist, cellist, and guitarist playing. today we hope to eat mountain-side and get a few more runs in ;) 

hmm well supposedly we only did 8 lifts today for a total of 3,492 but i don't know how since we skiied the whistler peak twice and seemed to fit in more runs...took the gondola twice too, that was stunning.

oh haha yeah it is meters (but in my defense you have to look hard to find out what/where the unit is). why do i feel like all north american ski areas will eventually be owned by vail

whistler is a workout mountain, the runs are so long that our plan to take the gondola over and ski down as an easy last run still felt like a marathon 45-minute workout thru slushy mogul-y green trails by the end of the day. i'm so sore today so i think in the future 1-day skis will still make the most sense if i keep doing it. hoping to check out lost lake today tho and maybe try snowshoeing?

[And my favorite message]: (ps missed my dad ski partner)

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    Not to confuse anyone here and not to take away any of ibrakes new grandfather hood glory, I congratulate grandpa mapnut on his trip report to Whistler via his daughter Julie.

    Hello Julie! Thanks for sharing Whistler with us!

    With the altitude adjustment being somewhat minimal I hope to someday ski WB as it has been on my radar for a quarter century. That peak to peak pic just is awesome. After doing the Canadian Rockies last summer I am warmed up and ready to take on that mile long vert at least mentally. I just hope the grandsons will wait up for me lol

    Btw, I believe mapnut had his first grandchild(son) the same day I had my first grand daughter June of 15,( correct me if I'm wrong Map) so he should be planning our grandparent/ grandchild ski outing for winter of 2020!
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    Yeah, June 3, 2015, little guy doing great.
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