Another Elite Level Ski Race in the Bannana Belt

Now I have seen it all.  First, NJ hosts a Men's FIS SL Race last week. So, yesterday and today, Shawnee in PA holds two days of Women's Eastern Cup SL. Except for the final pitch, Shawnee is so flat that I can hardly imagine a Slalom event running on it. I would love to know who the people are that successfully lobbied FIS and USSA to hold events in NJ and PA.

What's next, a Super G to be held at Blue Mountain PA.?!?!


  • Shawnee Peak, Maine, not PA
  • Thank you, lotsoskiing, for clearing that up. I should have seen the heading correctly on LiveTiming. I keep forgetting there is a Shawnee in used to be Pleasant Mountain, or something like that, back in the day.

  • Back in the day It was Pleasant Mountain
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