To Avoid Freezing, Young Man Jumps from Sugar Mountain NC Chair Lift

Tough decision to make, but, given what's in the article, it appears that this young man made the right choice.  Prayers for him.



  • That's a horror story. Thankfully he was able to crawl those 500 yards and not catch a snag on anything. 
  • That has to be my one fear, still do not understand how it happens.
  • He's ok, this occurred in 2016 and the owner of the mountain says he's seen the young man back this season, snowboarding with apparently no ill effects.   However it would seem to me that if this happened as the family says it did, the case has some merit

  • I'm often someone who tries to ski right until the end and will jump on the last chair.  I have never considered this ever happening to me.  For some reason I have always assumed there were controls in place to prevent this.  I have seen the "last chair" sign and things like that.  After reading this, and the recent story about the woman getting stuck in the killington gondola I guess it should be a fear.
  • How does something like that happen? Every mountain I've skied has had a ski patroller or two on the last chair.
    - Sam
  • It's not whether or not he got on last chair. It's if he got on *after* the last chair left. I've seen at plenty of mountains, the lift closed for the day, but still circling (to get the last people up or for snowmaking crews), and only a rope or cones blocking the entrance with no attendant present.
  • He was supposedly well before the last chair.  When he got to the top he supposedly had some kind of issue and tried to get the liftie's attention, but allegedly the liftie never noticed.  So he figured he'd ride back down.  Unfortunately the last chair presumably got to the top while he was 30' high in a wooded area on the downhill ride.

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    If that's the case, the story doesn't make any sense.  He should have hit the stop gate at the top.

    What chance the guy was poaching the lift line and got injured and this is a cover?
  • That seems pretty farfetched but if you can imagine it, maybe he can too?  Hey anything's possible, hence my use of supposedly, allegedly, presumably !   ;))

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