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Earlier today a message showed up on the screen saying that someone had requested "to reset" my password at Snowjournal 2. There was a link to follow and there was something about my token having expired. I just retyped my regular password and other info and I'm back on. What the heck was that all about?


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    If someone mistakenly or purposefully tried to reset your password there should be a message sent to your email.  That message references a "token."   

    A token is a piece of data created by the software that runs the site, contains information to identify you and only you.  If you verify the information, the token then authenticates to the website that it is indeed you who wishes to change the password.  It's like a secret code that expires after a certain period of time.  

    In short, a token helps to prevent mischievous people from changing your password.  Why someone would do that to a snowjournal account is inexplicable. 

     In your case the token expired, so your password was unchanged and you were able to log in normally.

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    Thank you. 
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