NCAA Championships, Cannon & Jackson XC

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Well I think this is terrific, I know there are a few who despise the Mittersill thing but this is a great use of the facility.  (I assume they're using Mittersill? Kind of a kick in the pants if they aren't)   Also for Jackson XC which is just a wonderful XC center.  Hope this gives both locations some added exposure and publicity.

UVM Catamount women's skier was leading yesterday but suffered a pre-release on the second run, definitely a bummer.

U of Utah seems to be in the drivers seat.  Plymouth State fighting with the big guns, had GS skiers in the points both men and women, Colby-Sawyer even had a young man finish nicely.  

Great to have significant ski racing return to one of its key eastern locations, albeit different part of the mountain.  Also nice to see a variety of schools competing!


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