Woodbury Refunds Passes


Never opened this season, allegedly due to the drought.


  • The death of Rod Taylor in the summer of 2014 IMO put a big question mark on the long term future of the entire ski area.  It can only run on the momentum, passion and money of its late leader for so long. 
  • Individuals can't make it rain.
  • newpylong said:

    Individuals can't make it rain.

    In the 1973-4 ski season, I am told that the only major ski area of VT to show a profit was Killington.  The year was a terrible season.  There was almost no natural snow, but what was worse: you could not easily buy gasoline.

    Killington made it known, that if you could make it to Killington on a tankful, they would refill your car for the trip home.  (The refill wasn't free and actually a bit more expensive than service stations with gas were charging.)  Skiers turned out.

    I suggest that if Rod Taylor was alive, he would have found the water, just as Killington found the gas.
  • How much was a Woodbury season pass for this season?
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