March 14-15 snow total thread

as of 2 pm on 3/14, Sugarbush snow stake was at 15". They cleared it off and it is piling up again.

Post snowfall totals here. Tomorrow will be very nice...


  • I live on the west side of Sugarbush...about 10 miles as the crow flies and it is DUMPING. I haven't seen it snow like this in a long, long time.
    Location: Greater Burlington, VT
  • Now over a foot in CVT- more on the mountains. 4 pm. I concur with Betsy- incredible snowfall rate and radar shows no signs of letting up. I bet it will be close to 3 feet on the slopes when the lifts turn tomorrow morning.
  • I heard Hunter already has 25".  Kind of frustrating for me in mid-Atlantic as many resorts have already closed and this snow won't reopen them.
  • I live in the foothills of the Greens near Richmond, at about 850 ft, and we have over a foot in about 10 hrs.  Really reminds me of the '07 Valentine's Day storm, and local weather guy Roger Hill was saying this one would compare to that one....I skied in the Valentine's storm at Mt. Ellen; you would get totally buried in snow on a single ride up Inverness (all they would open that day). I agree with those saying this should be 2 ft or more. 
  • JimK said:

    ...mid-Atlantic as many resorts have already closed and this snow won't reopen them.

    I heard Wisp was going to reopen, not confirmed

  • JimK said:

    I heard Hunter already has 25".  Kind of frustrating for me in mid-Atlantic as many resorts have already closed and this snow won't reopen them.

    Poconos got 24"+. If you want to make the drive Elk should be pretty good with no crowds through the weekend.
    Plattekill should be Good Friday after their powder day tomorrow.

  • This is the most wind blown snow I have ever seen from Burlington, VT. There are drifts over 4-5 feet here. I can only assume the woods tomorrow will absolutely amazing.
  • How much of a factor do you all think winds will be tomorrow?  I'm holding off til Thursday and going to play hooky.
  • Based on what I shoveled, CM got between 14" and 18", but it's hard to put an exact number on it with all the blowing.
  • Here in Northeast Mass we got slightly over a foot. Bradford was closed yesterday, but I hiked up the hill at Veasey Park and earned a few turns.

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    Hunter claims 38-43. Jay 35. Bolton, Middlebury, Mad R, Whiteface, Jimminy 26", most others 15-21++ etc.. A lot is probably wind packed most places.
    I do NOT want to hear any powder stories....I have to work.... X_X
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  • There is 26" here in Burlington and still dumping. Not safe to drive very far today.
  • Mt. Wachusett is reporting 16 inches snowfall in the storm. Worcester got 12.7 inches, so I expect that Ski Ward (Ward Hill) got something near that, although Shrewsbury had some rain at the end of the snow. The stuff was fairly heavy (I have the sore shoveling muscles to prove it) so it didn't blow away. Snow=in=the=back-yard syndrone kicks in, so there should be ew life for the ski season around here.
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    NWS totals*:

    31.2 Binghamton NY 
    22.1 Avoca PA
    18.9 Syracuse NY
    17.0 Albany NY
    16.6 Gray ME
    16.3 Portland ME
    15.8 Hartford CT
    15.6 Concord NH
    15.6 Rochester NY
    14.6 Buffalo NY
    14.4 Worcester MA
    14.2 Bangor ME
    11.7 Caribou ME
    11.7 Manchester NH
     7.4 Laguardia NY
     7.0 Newark NJ
     6.6 Boston MA
     5.1 Kennedy NY
     3.3 Providence RI

    * for reporting stations within offices located in NE/NY.
  • We've got 25ish inches and it is still snowing. A snow band has set up along the Champlain Valley and the western slopes. 2 snow days in a row for the kids which is pretty unusual in VT!
    Location: Greater Burlington, VT
  • 17" approximately in the Saratoga-Glens Falls area.
  • obienick, thanks for the update on Worcester, 14.4.
  • I expect the low totals at the bottom of Obienick's list were because the snow turned to rain or sleet. At my house (not far from LaGuardia) it precipitated all day but after about 5" of snow we got 1.5 inch of compacted sleet. Took 3 hours to chop-and-shovel my driveway.
  • Whiteface is reporting 40" !!  
    Location: Greater Burlington, VT
  • About 16" in Northern Westchester before the change over at about 2pm. Not light and fluffy powder, more like what I would imagine Serrra Cement to be. (and no, i'm not just saying this to make myself feel better because I have to work)

  • Mt. Ellen was crazy good today...and still hammering snow. Well over knee-deep (and I am 6'3") all over the place. Barely hit a rock; some spots with old snow (concrete) underneath, but they were few and far between. Hammerhead, Tumbler, FIS to Lower FIS, Encore, Tumbler, then dropped the mic I was so beat... MRG parking lot overflowing.

    Hurts not to have North Ridge running, and Inverness pod is where to go tomorrow- lift did not run today.
  • Bolton Valley is claiming 45 inches and still snowing.  I may have to head there as I have a few vouchers left.  You really can't go wrong where ever you make turns the next few days, except maybe S. New England areas that turned to rain and then froze.
  • I would believe Bolton. Sugarbush's claimed total was low, based on what I found at Mt. Ellen today. Maybe not 45 inches, but well over 30. Still dumping now at 5:30.

    Tomorrow's $30 Thursday at Mt. Ellen will be well worth it...
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    13.5" in Enfield, CT and it stayed all snow.

    Mount Snow had 21" and it kept snowing lightly all day long. Great skiing basically all over the mountain.

    Ski Conditions Report: A detailed report describing the snow conditions on the mountain the day of your visit. Skiers should become familiar with the following snow surface descriptions: Ice: Packed Powder, Slush: Packed Powder, Frozen Granular: Packed Powder , Packed Powder - A thin covering of snow over bare earth.

  • The free heel hellions will be ripping up The Crotch Thursday night. They say 15" it has to be better than the last 3 weeks.
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    Ski_it Jr hit Crotched today. Awesome and plenty of face shots, is all I heard.image
    PS: I told you peeps that Betsy still posts
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  • Stowe has 50" in the past 3 days.
  • Forecasts mention the possibility of light snow on the weekend in Central New England. I don't know about up north.
  • One inch all week

    I am expecting some fantastic pictures if any of you find the time to post them from wherever the deep it is
  • Smuggs', Bolton, and Jay all reporting 48-52" from the past 48 hours. NEK got the goods.

    Pic from Stowe, credit to powderfreak on American Weather forum


    Pic credit to eyewall on American Weather forum


    Pic from Smuggs' facebook, yesterday, BEFORE another 12-14"

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