Dismantling of Village Double at Sugarbush Began Today...

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Talk about good timing - while at Sugarbush today the dismantling of the Village Chair began, already...they are moving right away on it. I took pictures of the lift in the morning without knowing the chairs would be taken down midday. By midday, when I skied over to it, they were running the chair about 50ft at a time, then taking off the chair, then moving on to the next one. Some were taken off at the top, some at the bottom. It was great to be a part of history to watch what was probably the last running of the chair.

By late afternoon, all the chairs were down, and piled up at the bottom and top. Enjoy the photos, which show the various stages of the lift today.

It will be replaced with a quad next year...it's a great beginner slope and this will really help with uphill capacity.

936 x 527 - 237K
936 x 527 - 216K
936 x 527 - 197K
936 x 527 - 242K
936 x 527 - 242K
936 x 527 - 287K
527 x 936 - 255K
527 x 936 - 246K


  • Nice to be part of history JD

    Thanks for all the pictures on a gloriously sunny day!

    Stupid question, what about the lattice towers?
    They look short

    One thing I have known and have re-observed at Boyne, old lifts('70s and older) tend to be very low. Barely 7 feet in many places off the ground.
  • Good timing! It's bound to happen eventually to all old lifts, but it's always sad when it does. Now, I believe, there will only be 10 lattice tower chairlifts left in operation in New England after this winter.
    - Sam
  • Are you including the Ward Hill and Ski Butternut frankenlifts?
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    obienick said:

    Are you including the Ward Hill and Ski Butternut frankenlifts?

    Yes, I believe there are 11 if we count Bear Creek.
    - Sam
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