Lattice Tower Chairlifts Left After This Season

As mentioned in another thread, I was young to think of all remaining chairlifts with lattice towers that will be left after this season in New England. This is the list I came up with:
- Summit Double, Bousquet
- Triple, Ski Ward
- Top Flight Quad, Butternut
- North Star Double, Big Rock
- Summit Double, Black, NH
- Valley Double, Pat's Peak
- Ego Alley Triple, Mount Snow
- Outpost Double, Pico
- Birdland Double, Mad River Glen
- Single Chair, Mad River Glen
- Salt Ash Double, Plymouth Notch (Private)
- Hornet Double, Tenney (Probably)
- Sam


  • There are a few lost ones too:

    Mt. Whittier, NH (gondola)
    Moose Mountain, NH (double)
  • 2 more lost:

    Andy's - Brodie (double)
    Gramp's - Brodie (just towers remaining)
  • And another partially removed double at Plymouth Notch.
  • Cannon Mountain tram has lattice towers too. And Jay's.
  • Saddleback
  • Wonder if the Carlevaro Savio double chair still exists at Greek Peak.

    The decades-lost Stadeli double chair still stands at the long-shuttered Intermont.

  • The one at Ward isn't totally lattice. The top has a short piece of Partek tower and crossarm. The only set up like this I've ever seen. Using most of the older tower when the new lift went in saved LaCrox 40 grand in installation costs.
  • Those who ski Hunter may remember one lattice tower never removed from the A Lift over the cliffs of Hellgate.
  • Add big rock to the list
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    I think that at Ward, it was to make the new lift taller.

    I'm very surprised it only saved Ward $40k.
  • Yes, Chair 2 at Greek Peak (the C&S) still exits. It was shortened and redone in the mid-to-late '90s with several towers made taller by being placed on home made stilts, the drive moved to the top, and the upper bullwheel at the unload as opposed to across the summit like how old lifts were made. Most if not all grips were replaced a couple years ago under new ownership (a waste IMHO as new grips were probably more valuable than the full lift). Strangely, it runs even less now than before.
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    Village Double at Sugarbush
    Ski it or die trying
  • Village Double at Sugarbush

    Gone gone gone

    Wow. Was just there in mid-February. probably shouldn't have passed up the opportunity to take a ride.
    Ski it or die trying
  • NELSAP said:

    Cannon Mountain tram has lattice towers too. And Jay's.

    Yes, and there are a few surface lifts with lattice towers, but I was specifically asking about chairlifts.
    lysikjake said:


    I didn't include Saddleback because no probable plans have been release as far as operating next year. Even if they do, there is a good chance that the Rangely will no longer be operating.
    MrMagic said:

    Add big rock to the list

    It's already on the list.
    - Sam
  • Highmount ski center next to Belleayre still had at least one chairlift standing as of last season. I don't know what the plans are for it with the future merger into the Belleayre trail system. I can't imagine it being salvageable. There were also a bunch of surface lifts left over, with unknown tower construction.   

  • Scenic lift at Ober Gatlinburg.
  • Beech Mt has a hsq with lattice towers. Sort of like Butternuts fgq. Sorry to include NC, the banana belt.
  • Not a chair lift but platter pull at black NH any other lattice tower surface lifts ?
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    MrMagic said:

    Not a chair lift but platter pull at black NH any other lattice tower surface lifts ?

    Hornet T-Bar at Bradford and at the private Cosmic Hill
    - Sam
  • newman said:

    Beech Mt has a hsq with lattice towers. Sort of like Butternuts fgq. Sorry to include NC, the banana belt.

    Used to be the same type gondola as Mt. Snow. Funny that 2 out of 3 still have their towers being used.
  • I was at Butternut yesterday for the $25.00 weekday deal, and I noticed the lattice towers on the Topflight Quad. They date back to the original Double Chair days. They were modified to handle Quad chairs by installing a very substantial box beam above the original cross beam. Although the towers are in fine condition, I found it surprising that they could handle double the weight of their original purpose. I am not structural engineer, so I am sure the experts deemed it safe for such an upgrade.  I guess it shows that those old lattice towers were extra stout for their intended job, back in the earlier days of lift design.

     Was the Beech Mt lift originally a double? Are there any other lifts that have upgraded their capacity with such a modification?

  • That's just a standard modern tower head on top of the lattice on Top Flight.
  • Since New York was mentioned which is out of New England in the upper Peninsula of Michigan ski Brule has lattice towered chair lifts and moving it further west to Wisconsin I was supposed to ride the most bazaar lift in the western hemisphere at whitecap but was not to be . As Rick states small but mighty ski Brule will probably be open for a while yet through mid April and maybe Boyne mountain will try to stretch it out a little while longer than April 2

    I am not aware of any lattice towered lifts here in the lower peninsula but of course we have our share of center pole quads
  • Yes and no. The Beech Mountain lift was originally a detachable, two-person gondola.
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    This thread brought back some memories of towers of this type I have seen and photographed.

    MRG single chair: image

    Pico Outpost double:

    Saddleback, not sure if this is correct chair lift, can barely see tower:

    Cannon Tram, got to look close, towers are far up the hill: image

    Old 2010 video shows Cannon tram at about 00:40, Black NH chair and t-bar at 3:15 and Loon gondi lattice tower at 5:40:
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