Sugarbush 3/18/17

Old man and family skied Mt. Ellen today on the first day our spring passes were valid.  Pass cost $200 each, a killer deal.  In the past, we've managed a dozen days from mid-March to early May.  Today, the skies were blue, the wind non existent and the temps in the high twenties to low thirties.  Great conditions, place was packed but it was still a fantastic day.  Word circulated around that Lincoln Peak was jammed and cars routed to park at Ellen.  The Slide Brook lift was very busy hauling people over from Ellen.  The North Ridge Quad is down for the season (boo!).  We heard the electric motor failed and won't be repaired this year.  We didn't make it to the Summit as the line was very long and it didn't matter where we went, the snow was perfect.  I'm sure every mountain in the region was packed today which works out well on the revenue side.


  • Well old man I'll give you an attaboy
    Just add some pics next time, they say a thousand words
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