Financial Concerns Mounting at Ski Blandford

The Board of Directors of the Springfield Ski Club, owner-operator of Ski Blandford in Western Massachusetts, has announced to its membership that it has "serious financial concerns regarding our future" and that "Our financial situation is what led to our decision not to open the weekend of March 18-19 of this season following a significant snow fall."


  • Blandford is a cool little area that I raced at frequently as a kid. I hope they figure it out. I was amazed to find out they still have the 3 doubles that end up at the top. They can't be cheap to maintain every year.
  • I suppose that even with a good quote year out east there are still a lot of areas that are been questionable financial state and just hanging in there I was surprised to see that whitecap Wisconsin near the lake affect snow belt of Ironwood Michigan closed March 9 they took our deposit and ran it has been for sale for quite some time but I think they are hanging in there by a thread

    I know homestead in Glen Arbor Michigan closes early March but I think they are in good financial state is just their policy of closing early in March and I am sure there are others but who knows

    I think the little guys like the privately owned areas like Caberfae have to make a business decision whether to keep open or not based on visitors but I think they could have gone another week or two if they really wanted to move the snow around
  • It would be a shame to lose Blandford.  I've been there numerous times over the past six or so years with my daughter for her races.  It's run by a great group of people and they have a good racing program.  Let's hope they can survive.

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