Sunday River 2017

Mar. 29, 2017 - Weds.

Last day of my 4-day trip to ME.  The destination was Sunday River and it was my first time there since 1972.  Since the area I skied in 1972 bore no resemblance to the 2017 version of Sunday River, I skied the mountain in a way that I ski areas that I have never skied before.  I sample things - and even things that I wouldn't take on a ski trip to an area I know well.

For example, conditions were difficult today.  The snow never softened which made the mogul runs nearly impossible. As a matter of fact, I never saw anyone (except me and my friend) on Black Hole and/or Super Nova.  Both are excellent runs - and pretty scary with the crust on them today.  If I expected to be at Sunday River again soon, I would never have attempted either in these conditions.

First times for me on White Heat, a classic Sunday River steep.  It was groomed and quite lovely.

There was a great selection of Woods/Glade skiing and I didn't have time to do them all.  Most were not as gnarly as the ungroomed trails.

Sunday River is clearly among the best areas in the northeast.  It is spread out like few other areas (perhaps Killington and Sugarbush are as spread out).  I suspect that if one started at Little White Cap, it would take a couple of hours to work your way over to the Jordan Bowl.

Sunday River is the complete area: steeps, cruisers, moguls, glades/woods.

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