Where is everyone skiing this wkend 4/1-4/2?

ciscokidciscokid expert
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With the forecasted storm I expect some good trip reports and no April fools

I may even get out closing weekend at Crystal Mi, Caberfae is banged up.


  • xwhalerxwhaler intermediate
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    Closing down two mtns this wknd on season passes
    Saturday: Ragged on my 16-17 pass
    Sunday: Crotched on my 17-18 pass
  • obienickobienick expert
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    Possibly WV.
  • ChuckstahChuckstah advanced
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    Bolton Valley today, tasty corn.  Hopefully Mad River Glen this weekend, if things work out?
  • JonniJonni intermediate
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    I might try to go for Bolton on Sunday. Though if not, it'll definitely be Friday the 7th at Bolton - can't beat $19.66 tickets!
  • riverc0ilriverc0il advanced
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  • bubblecufferbubblecuffer advanced
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    Only Wachusett over the weekend but I plan to come down with the flu on Monday and will need to ski Wildcat to recover.  I hope they are going to be open.
  • RemskiRemski advanced
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    They will be open till the end of April if not beyond. The try to make it till the 1st wknd in May. By the way you are going to get probably there best conditions the year.
    I'll be at Pico Sat. and Ragged Sun.
  • shprideshpride intermediate
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    Blue Hills on Sunday!
  • ski_itski_it expert
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    Driving up to ManchVegas tonite passed 9 cars that slid off the road between the Mass line and here. There was maybe 1-2" on the ground then. Maybe 3" now. It was rain in MA at 8pm up to about Lowell.
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  • djspookmandjspookman advanced
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    Magic Sat.  can't wait!
  • ciscokidciscokid expert
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  • bousquet19bousquet19 advanced
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    Obienick, when you said you might go to WV, I thought you were doing an April Fool's.  

    West Virginia???  Those 5 areas are closed.  Aren't they?  Should I load up my skis?

    Oh well.
  • bousquet19bousquet19 advanced
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    The Mid-Atlantic is pretty much closed down.  I guess Camelback is still open, but that's 4 hours from me.  Too far for a day trip.

    For all of you who go skiing this weekend:  Have a great time!  I envy your forecast.

    I am behind on trip reports and have a couple of good ones to share.  Will do so soon.

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    Obienick, when you said you might go to WV, I thought you were doing an April Fool's.  

    West Virginia???  Those 5 areas are closed.  Aren't they?  Should I load up my skis?

    Oh well.

    WV=Waterville Valley
    - Sam
  • sugarloafsugarloaf expert
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    Mount Snow, though on Monday.

    Ski Conditions Report: A detailed report describing the snow conditions on the mountain the day of your visit. Skiers should become familiar with the following snow surface descriptions: Ice: Packed Powder, Slush: Packed Powder, Frozen Granular: Packed Powder , Packed Powder - A thin covering of snow over bare earth.

  • ciscokidciscokid expert
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    Well where are all the pictured reports?
  • shprideshpride intermediate
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    ciscokid said:

    Powder Day at Blue Hills.  

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  • obienickobienick expert
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    I ended up not going to WV. Forecasted temps were too high for my liking with my leg and Northside and High Country doubles were closed.
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