Mad River Glen Sunday, April 2, 2017

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Cisco, you ask, and you receive.
It was a great day with some packed powder up high early, and spring down low and later. The single was 5-15 minute wait, while the double was a few chairs. Good Grateful Dead cover band playing on the deck, which you could hear up close to the mid station. Let the pictures do the talking. Run of the day was lower Antelope. imageimageimageimageimageimage
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  • And the band on the deck!image
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  • Looks nice and empty for a weekend day with a bit of fresh snow.
  • marcski said:

    Looks nice and empty for a weekend day with a bit of fresh snow.

    The lot was overflowing, lodge was packed, but the lift lines and trails were very managable.  
  • MRG is high atop my New England must-ski bucket list.

    Very curious if anyone has tried skiing the Octopus Garden, the Ice Palace, or the 19th hole.

    Brownie points if there are pictures of the Garden or the Palace.

  • Worth the wait Chuck, best pics of the single to date and lattice loveliness!

    My one and only visit was Christmas week '77 with my Kastle 207s, iirc it was paradise ( not by the dashboard light)
  • It was a great weekend at Mad River Glen! Powder day on Saturday with reasonably good soft spring bumps on lower elevation sunny facing terrain. Got to ski a lot of my favorite lines on Saturday, pretty much all options on the table. But then some lower elevation bare spots already showing on Sunday. Quacky to Canyon FTW on Sunday, trails I usually avoid except during spring corn season. Would like to get back there this weekend but lower elevation snow was going fast so who knows if they'll make it for the extra weekend. Great weekend!
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