Sunday River T-bar for Racers

From their Community blog and a few comments: (This is my 4th shrinking of comments to fit 2.0.)

T-bar in Over Easy out

·         Posted by Matthew Grocki on March 27, 2017 at
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Yesterday, Gould announced that the mountain was adding a
t-bar for Monday Mourning and removing Over Easy access.*-XZ4s3WEP2fZjOTmx2JL8Im7m6*mJrF-YjVr0u1zTlFYc24b0MUeJM6BKLVucHcYI1F79LC5V23V/868014545.jpeg?xgip=0%3A0%3A183%3A183%3B183%3B&width=48&height=48&crop=1%3A1Permalink Reply by Maineskier69 on March 27, 2017 at

So I guess they figured the tunnel was not worth it.
 I don't see why that would do away with Over Easy.  It's not like
the T bar would be running all the time.  Even at Sugarloaf when the T bar
is running they allow access through it.*YLLcMrUTB5YcDvIpv9QiotlY4rKL6glsF0COUe2UJEquTk81qf2UqiOmh2i3XNrmZoxKi9VMN9VraxUt/1246544355.png?xgip=37%3A0%3A193%3A193%3B%3B&width=48&height=48&crop=1%3A1Permalink Reply by MonkeyBrook on March 27, 2017 at

Over easy really has no impact IMO, but if it helps the
Gould Alpine program and makes the Barker /Locke lifts less crowded...great
move*YLLcMrUTB5YcDvIpv9QiotlY4rKL6glsF0COUe2UJEquTk81qf2UqiOmh2i3XNrmZoxKi9VMN9VraxUt/1246544355.png?xgip=37%3A0%3A193%3A193%3B%3B&width=48&height=48&crop=1%3A1Permalink Reply by MonkeyBrook on March 27, 2017 at

quick laps on training course, I like it.  Waterville
has a surface list serving their park, its great park kids lap it all day and
free congestions at lifts and allows them to get more laps in.  Win for
all if we use the t bar here.  the alpine folks are pretty excited about
it for their kids, so full support on my end.


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    Weird move with the midstation right there.
  • The midstation is only for loading and is only manned early season. Once they got T2B on Locke, they lower the ramp.
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    What wonderful wizardry is going on in NE these days???? A "new" Hall t-bar install at Whaleback, a new install at Burke replacing the classic pomalift, and now yet another new machine at Sunday River! \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

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    obienick said:

    The midstation is only for loading and is only manned early season. Once they got T2B on Locke, they lower the ramp.

    Yes, lift mods and operational changes aside.

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