All Weather Snowmaking

We’ve seen the “all weather snowmaking” (ex. Tenney), but I
don’t know of any US resort using it. The staff on the Mt. Ruapehu video (link below) says
the snow (crushed ice) is made in a permanent building. So, it has limited use.
But when you must have snow in a particular location and time (Killington, FIS,
Thanksgiving weekend) it would prove useful. However, I’m sure the expense
causes the majority of resorts to continue with traditional systems.

Whakapapa's Happy Valley Snow Park will be blanketed in pristine white snow a month earlier than usual this year after a big investment in snowmaking, bringing jobs and economic growth earlier than ever.

Happy Valley will open from June 3 (Queen's Birthday Weekend) thanks to a cutting-edge new snowmaker, the Techno Alpin SF210 All-Weather Snowmaking system.


  • Ober Gatlinburg uses it
    - Sam
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    Boreal near Lake Tahoe also uses it for their summer ski camps.

  • Ober Gatlinburg does use Sno-Magic to ensure that the tube park opens for Thanksgiving and to extend its use into late March.  They also use it on the loading and un-loading ramps once the season is underway, and as a patch for areas that occur between snowmaking sessions.   It is impractical to cover an entire slope with it due to the time to make the product and the expense (about three times the cost of conventional snowmaking).  It sure was a handy thing to have around this past season, however.
  • Techno alpine has made a new machine called the "snow factory". Definitely won't put out nearly as much snow as a snowgun but it will make the white stuff!
  • Liberty University - SnowFlex!
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