Hunt for Hunter live on-line concert Sunday

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Hey Snowjournal friends, please excuse the self-promotion. My son Michael Hunter and his musical partner Ian Hunt (thus Hunt for Hunter) are playing a live on-line concert this Sunday, 8 pm, via They did this a year ago and it was fun, you can comment on line in real time. For a small fee you can submit a request from a long list of covers. They play some great original songs in a folk-rock genre: guitar, violin, percussion and duo vocals. Hope you'll tune in. Here's where you can sign up:


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    Must be nice having a surname the same as a ski area,tnow all they got to do is play at Hunter Mountain

    Boy, Hunt and Hunter, Map all they need is papa Hunter for a lead singer
  • Papa Hunter? Ya gotta be kidding.

    Unfortunately Hunter is far from my favorite ski area. Not many cruisers and not very scenic.
  • Sluthsky, or something like that. I thought of Hunter Mt, NY. The other New England.
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    I know that this thread had nothing to do with Hunter Mtn., but to the extent that it has morphed into a Hunter skiing thread:
    1. The original owners of Hunter Mtn. was the Hunter Mtn. Dev. Corp.
    2. They hired the Slutzky Brothers construction company.
    3, When the Hunter Mtn. Dev. Corp. went bankrupt (ca. 1960), brothers Orville and Izzy Slutzky took the property in lieu of payments from the bankrupt Hunter Mtn. Dev. Corp. and developed it into the Hunter Mtn. we know today.
    4. There are lots of great cruisers on Hunter and it is the largest privately owned ski area (vertical dropwise) in NY State. 
    5. Last year, Peak Resorts purchased it from the Slutzky family.  I'm pretty sure both Izzy and Orville passed away.
    6. The biggest problem with Hunter is its popularity making it incredibly crowded and as such, the potentially great cruisers are overrun with people.  (Nobody skis there.  It's too crowded.)
  • Izzie and Orville passed away in the last 5 - 10 years (in their 90's).  I had the pleasure of riding the west lift in the 80's and listening to Orville in his grease stained Carhart overalls.
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    mapnut said:

    Papa Hunter? Ya gotta be kidding.

    Unfortunately Hunter is far from my favorite ski area. Not many cruisers and not very scenic.
    Hunter was my first " big" mountain vertical wise and as a 17-18 yr old drive to day area after mastering everything at Great Gorge: VV.
    hunter west was my first "real" test in the Olin Mark era. My expert brother in law always spoke reverently about K27 as the " kick turn or die" run back in the 210 Lange banshee era.

    In 1988 it was my very first high speed chair ride.

    Stared at it while eating dinner with Russ L., Dr Ben and Ken Lane and Liz with much respect
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