Sugar Loaf Mi avoids being torn down.

Looks like the owner had until May 1st to get the resort up to code and he has done so.


  • "Opening next year", we'll see

    Lots of work to do, even if he has the cash to get working lifts, snowmaking, he should be hard on it now

    A fence around the joint, not going to open for quite some time

    But as Mapnut says " it has the rarest of Mich attributes, a hill"
  • It has a 300-foot hill which will no doubt yield a 500-foot vertical.
  • A fence around it is still better than being torn down. I am still very optimistic about the hill ever opening. But not bulldozing the whole place is a start
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    I know they were asking $6 million for this place. Do you know how much he actually spent ?
    Hope to ski it again some day
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    mapnut said:

    It has a 300-foot hill which will no doubt yield a 500-foot vertical.

    Map is that what it is showing 300 foot ?I thought it was at least as tall as Caberfae and darn near if not the same , but if it shows 300 I trust you .

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    Maybe 380 feet on the long flat lift going down the west side.

    I was too stingy; it's hard to tell from the topo map. Using Google Earth I get 440 for the west side lift and 400 for the north side.

  • ciscokid said:

    I know that you were asking $6 million for this place. Do you know how much she actually spent either way if he spent Exemouth 1 million then he will probably spend Exemouth more to get a back up in eventually looking forward to that day I can ski at one more time

    An article in the Detroit Free Press said he got it for $3 million. Also said 3-4 years before it would open.
  • I think the place is beyond repair as well as lifts
    I guess see what happens in a few years

    A little more info
  • Cant believe it held a FIS race in '95

    Like this oldyimage
    500 x 431 - 58K
    728 x 960 - 80K
  • Race was held on Manitou trail , due north. Just squeezed it in for fis regulation length , vertical

    Stupid question, mid America series, kind of like a "minor league"?

    One of the two guys on this old picture supposedly went on to start Snowmass
  • Recent pic
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  • This pic of devils elbow in similar position of oldy above. Look at the lake aboveimage
    600 x 450 - 120K
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    If I recall correctly that we watched mid America series at snow basin back in 2000 on the same course as the Olympics downhill so just curious
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    I don't know why they considered Manitou and chair 4 on the back side, I consider it the front
    Like the aerial of the back side and Manitou Passage( Kings Challenge)GCimageimage<img src="
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    1637 x 1192 - 771K
  • I had a person I used to work with who loved to ski at Sugar  Loaf. He thought it was the best in the lower peninsula. It sounds like the owner tried to expand a little to fast and ran the resort with too much debt and it caught up with him.
  • I was fortunate to ski Sugarloaf only once less than a month after I moved to Michigan from out east so in my opinion quite a letdown but in retrospect now it was pretty decent and have fantastic views with a little bit of challenge was never able to ski all the trails so I don't believe they were all open the day I was there but anyway yeah soon as posseli took over it went down the tubes
  • Did a little wine tasting yesterday in Glen arbor and Cedar
    Two different wine pourer s said the same thing which is bad news, the new owner does NOT intend to rehab or build new lifts and run it as a ski area!
    Just a hotel after knocking down old oneimageimageimageimageimage
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    320 x 240 - 47K
    320 x 240 - 39K
  • The report I saw said it’s not in the plan right now to rebuild the Ski area, but it will be 3 years or so before he breaks ground and in that time he is going to look into rebuilding the Ski hill if it makes finical sense.
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