Ciscokid Where was I ? 4/23/17 Snowmass Jan 1995

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I am in silly season here

Name the area and trail, straight forward clues when I'm ready


  • Picimage
    4032 x 3024 - 1M
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    Sorry for sideways pic.Ok to be fair and forthright this is from my album and is 22 yrs old.All 3 pics same area I need a quick solve so name the area and if possible the trail of the first picimageimage<img

    4032 x 3024 - 2M
    4032 x 3024 - 1M
  • Sneaky's at top of Big Burn at Snowmass
    Up 4 pizza ,1/'95
  • I must be slipping. I've been to Snowmass (44 years ago) and didn't  recognize it.
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